Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas cookies!

I asked each of the kids to choose their favourite cookie/ baked treat, and we would limit our baking to just those items this year. We're travelling, packing gifts, suitcases, etc., and just won't have room for much in the way of extras.

Gracie's choice was B's specialty; Snowballs (which B has made every year for the past three years or so, and are a huge favourite!).

The Boy chose Gracie's specialty- Butterscotch Pecan cookies (often requested by the grandparents).

Baby chose her favourite- gingerbread cookies!

My favourite is shortbread, but with a twist- you cut out the shapes *after* you bake the dough! Much easier for little people to manage independently (no trying to transfer finicky dough to the cookie sheet), and the orange-cranberry flavour combination is a Christmas classic.

And Hubby has generously offered to sample them all ;-)

Separate recipe posts forthcoming.

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