Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our new summer menu

alternate title: the patio's finished, the new BBQ is working, and soccer is over! Yippee!

Mondays: Still pasta and pesto, as per popular request. I'm good with that because it's easy, quick, and on Mondays I usually do some baking for the week, so don't much feel like making a big dinner ;-) We'll be making less pasta, though, and filling up on fresh salad!

Tuesdays: Baked fish, so unfortunately the oven needs to be on. While it's on anyway, I'll make Gracie's favourite roasted herbed potatoes, and we'll have a steamed farm-fresh veggie (or two! or three!) on the side.

Wednesdays: Chicken of some sort. Depending on what is the best deal, we'll either roast a whole chicken in the crockpot (with potatoes or rice on the side and a steamed veggie) or boil pieces to make shredded Thai chicken. I'll keep some of the pasta separate for the girls (who don't like Thai food) and make them a cold pasta and veggie salad. If by some miracle the boneless/ skinless chicken breasts are on sale, Hubby can BBQ them and those who want to can have them on a bun- I'll make a salad to go with. Any leftovers can be added to tomorrow's salad, and I'll (of course) make broth.

Thursdays: Beans still. We'll either have a Big Salad or bread salad with some chickpeas, burritos, or one of these soups if it's rainy or cool.

Fridays: Eggs still- probably quiche loaded with yummy farm-fresh veggies.

Saturdays: BBQ- the classic burger, with salad on the side.

Sundays: During cool weather, this is usually our 'roast' night, but from now until the snow flies, it'll be BBQ! Sausages on a bun is a favourite (with the almost ever-present salad ;-), and makes easy leftovers for Hubby's lunch on Monday. Leftovers can also be chopped and added to Monday's pesto pasta.

And that's it! It's been a real blessing planning out these seasonal menus- one less thing to worry about each week ;-)

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tootlepip said...

sounds simple and yummy!