Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Late spring menu

Rather than post weekly menus that vary so little, I'll post seasonally (which is how I cook and how we eat). We tend to repeat meals in about six-week cycles that suit the weather and what is in season.

This is our menu until the middle of July when Baby will be finished with soccer, Hubby will have our new patio finished so that we can bar-b-que, and the farmer's market will be brimming with Good Things to Eat.

Mondays (soccer night)- whole wheat pasta with basil pesto and parmesan

Tuesdays- fish (either baked fillets with a sprinkle of whole wheat breadcrumbs and herbs or homemade cakes), roasted herbed potatoes, and a vegetable (this week- fresh asparagus!)

Wednesdays (soccer night)- Baby's Birthday Supper

Thursdays- beans (potato and bean bake, bread salad with chickpeas, tomatoes and feta, or one of these soups if it's rainy or cool)

Fridays- eggs (either quiche, egg salad sandwiches, fried egg sandwiches, sunny-side-up, or omelettes) with a side veggie

Saturdays- either Hubby will make his famous calzones, or I'll make all natural sausages with potatoes and a side veggie

Sundays- roast beef, chicken, or pork with brown rice, risotto or potatoes and a veggie

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