Friday, March 28, 2008

Cleaning-out-the-pantry menu

Spring cleaning time is almost here (yay!), so I'll be trying to use up what we already have on hand in the pantry/ freezer/ fridge over the next week or two, only buying what is absolutely necessary.

First, for the inventory (only looking at supper ingredients):

In the freezer

package of cod fillets
4 3 pkgs. naturally smoked, low-sodium bacon (it was on sale 1/2 price!)
pkg. chopped spinach
bag large peeled, uncooked shrimp
2 pkgs. hashbrowns
container of all-natural Italian sausages (bought on sale for 1/2 price, cooked and then frozen- about 10-12?)
various full and 1/2 pkgs. veggies (stew mix, peas, green beans, brussel sprouts)

In the fridge

small container of left-over homemade creamy corn
various cheeses (cheddar, cottage, mozzarella, goat, cream, parmesan)
plain yogurt
1/4 jar chopped garlic in oil
almost-full jar yeast
all of the standard condiments and a variety of homemade (by my m-i-l) jellies, chutneys, sauces

In the pantry

small bag potatoes
3 onions
organic broth cubes (beef, chicken, vegetable, onion)
3 2 jars salsa
can each of red and white kidney beans
can chopped tomatoes
jar Tikka Masala sauce
can salmon
can tuna
can brown beans
18 17 cans tomato soup (we bought a case for 1/2 price)
2 1 cartons unsweetened almond milk
small pkg. bulgur
package homemade dried spaghetti
1/2 pkg. "soup" pasta
brown rice
arborio rice
bag baked corn chips
whole wheat flour
every spice and dried herb known to man
various oils and vinegars

And now for some supper ideas with the goal in mind of using up as much as possible, and purchasing as little as possible (therefore not as much variety as usual). We won't necessarily be eating them in this order, but I have enough options for two full weeks:

Items in red need to be purchased

1. fish cakes, dairy-free scalloped potatoes, froz. veg.
2. minestrone soup, homemade bread
3. Dublin coddle (potatoes)
4. shrimp stir-fry (mushrooms)
5. cheater chowder (salmon and corn)
6. spaghetti with creamy tuna and pea sauce
7. stir-fried sausage and onions, risotto, froz. veg.
8. burritos (whole wheat wraps)
9. quiche
10. eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, froz. veg
11. potato bake with sausage instead of beans
12. nachos, raw veg. (carrots, cucumbers)
13. Tikka Masala chicken over rice, veg. (whatever free-range, grain-fed chicken is the better deal)
14. eggs and mushroom soup on toast, raw veg.

So, with only purchasing five additional items, we'll be eating like kings (and queens), with some pantry items left over. Between veggie soups for lunches, tabouleh and chips-and-salsa snacks, I think we'll succeed at clearing out the old to make way for the new. How much longer 'til market season??

p. s. I'll be posting additional recipes as I have time, leave me a comment if there is a particular one you would like first ;-)

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